FOSHEEZY® just launched a national advertising campaign with a 30 second commercial airing in the California, Texas and Arizona markets. The commercial features models dipped in FOSHEEZY® gear. Peep our spots currently being run on BET, MTV and MTV2. The response we have been receiving has been overwhelming! To view our commercials on the web site click the peep the commercials link below!

FOSHEEZY® also simultaneously established a national print advertising campaign. Peep the March issues of Hype Hair and Right On magazines to view our full page color ads featuring our models dipped in the FOSHEEZY gear. Our ads will run every month so check your local retailers get the magazine and get ya view on baby! To view the magazine ads click the peep the magazine ads link below!

Our first promotion coming the summer 2007 will be an all expense paid trip to our headquarters in Phoenix, AZ where you will be featured to model in our next commercial, magazine ad and photo shoot. FOSHEEZY!!!!!!

We know ya’ll are feeling this one, so visit us often and peep the details on this major promotion coming real soon!

Ash, Director of Advertising/Promotions

Peep The Commercials

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