FOSHEEZY® products and services are designed for everybody. With the success of this term and its lyrical appeal within the hip hop /urban culture we seek to capitalize upon the concept of supporting individual and team achievement.

Being confident exemplifies FOSHEEZY®! We define our products/service applications as male/female urban clothing, (a 5 billion dollar a year industry) stickers/decals and marketing services. Our company is certain with the correct product placement and promotion FOSHEEZY® will be the next new successful brand!

B* FOSHEEZY™, be the first to rock FOSHEEZY® gear or affix FOSHEEZY® decals and stickers to your ride, skateboard, backpack and notebook. FOSHEEZY products are in stores now or check out our products page and get ya gear on! For questions call us at 602-258-8160 or send us and email @


Kerrick Hooks, President FOSHEEZY® Clothing Company

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